Inhale, Exhale at Duxbury High School

Inhale, Exhale at Duxbury High School

By Melanie L.

Breathe Out, is a week at Duxbury High School filled with different themed days to make students feel less stressed. The school created several different activities to help create a relaxing atmosphere. These activities often involved food and yoga.

The food for every day would most likely go with the theme. Mrs. O’Brien, a food and nutrition teacher at DHS, was the brains behind what food would be presented to the students.

She also collaborated with many of the student council and guidance advisors.

“We assigned student council leaders to pick the themes and what they were going to do for each day, from picking the music out to picking different inspirational quotes,” said Mrs. O’Brien.

The Breadboard class that Mrs. O’Brien teaches also was involved in many ways. They picked almost all of the menu items for each day. For example, Mindful Monday they had green tea and vegetables with hummus. Breadboard also hosted a lunch where the teachers could not order online but had to order in person so they could be involved in tech-free Tuesday.

Lauren B, a senior, found the week to be effective.

“I liked the idea because the objective was to help students and although it may have been a random week it was very helpful.”

Others, however, found the week to be misplaced.

“I wish this week was right before finals,” said sophomore Olivia N., “because it would be more useful.”


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