The Woodstock Music Festival Revival

The Woodstock Music Festival Revival

By Beau B

The Woodstock Music Festival first came to life on August 15, 1969, in Bethel, NY. The festival hosted some of the decades most beloved and impactful artists of the 1960s.

Some of the performers consisted of Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, and The Who. The festival was revolutionary in the fact that there had never been anything like it before. Woodstock didn’t just serve as a three-day long music venue, but also as a congregation of the counterculture.

This year, Woodstock reached its 50th anniversary. To celebrate, Woodstock has been revamped for another festival experience. The performers that will appear at the festival are still unknown, but there are rumors and speculations regarding who will be attending. Variety magazine reported:

“Jay-Z, Dead & Co., Black Keys and Chance the Rapper are among the headliners — with two out of three nights speaking to hip-hop’s dominance 50 years after the 1969 event. Also slated to take part in the festival (all subject to change before anything is made official): The Raconteurs, Imagine Dragons, Run the Jewels, Gary Clark Jr., Cage the Elephant, the Killers, Greta Van Fleet, Margo Price, Sturgill Simpson, Portugal the Man, Dawes, the Lumineers, Bishop Briggs, Pussy Riot, Courtney Barnett, and Dorothy. Halsey, Miley Cyrus, Janelle Monae, and Brandi Carlile are also said to be finalizing their commitments.”

The lineup seems to be realistic since many of these artists have performed at similar venues together such as Bonnaroo. Many of these musicians have helped to shape our generation of music and it is good to see that there is a wide diversity amongst the performers. Woodstock 2019 may happen and if it does, it could be even bigger than before.

Henry R., a student at DHS, who is and devout fan of pre-2000’s music, what he knows about the original Woodstock Festival. He said, “It was a revolutionary music experience, the festival culminated some of the most influential artists of the decade. I wish I could have seen the original.”

Liam K. a student, DHS would be interested in attending this Woodstock reboot. “Yes, I would because I think it would be a neat experience, and I would love to see the Killers”

DHS History teacher Mr. Mael, when asked, “why Woodstock was such a cultural milestone?” he said, “Woodstock really changed everything in terms of society’s understanding of young people. In the late 1960s, a youth movement emerged that was known as the counterculture (or more commonly “hippies”). Their message of peace and love and calling for an end to the war in Vietnam was popular. Woodstock showed that hundreds of thousands of peace-loving young people could gather together for three days of peace and music and that it would be successful. From a music standpoint, Woodstock produced many iconic moments such as Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young playing just their second gig ever, Santana’s incredible rendition of ‘”Soul Sacrifice,’” and Jimi Hendrix’s set, which was actually played on Monday morning because the show had gone off schedule. It is quite simply the greatest concert in American history.”

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