Post-Blizzard Bag Student Thoughts

Post-Blizzard Bag Student Thoughts

Ben Acker


As of March 19th, the due date for the completion of Blizzard Bags has passed, and Duxbury’s new system has left students with some mixed opinions. Two blizzard bag assignments were due for Duxbury’s only full snow day this year, which occurred earlier this month.

“While I can see how Blizzard Bags might have seemed pointless to a senior, I would much prefer them over a normal snow-day.” said freshmen Henry S.

Students could choose any two of the twelve Blizzard Bag assignments, and as long as they were submitted on time and completed, they would not receive an absence for that day.

Senior Michael R., said, “I’m still against the idea of Blizzard Bags but overall, they were not as bad as I thought they would be.”

“I guess in the long run,” continued Junior Dylan C., “I prefer this over having to go another day in June.”

Either way, this is only a trial run of the Blizzard Bags, so it is unclear if they will return in the future or not.

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