The Blood Drive Was Not In Vein

The Blood Drive Was Not In Vein

By Liv M.

On Wednesday, March 13th, Duxbury High School held its annual blood drive to benefit Boston Children’s Hospital. Medical staff from Boston Children’s Hospital came to DHS in the bloodmobile to collect blood donations for transfusions, mostly for children.

Thirty-three donors collectively gave 21 pints, which will help 84 kids, according to DHS Special Education teacher Mrs. Bonneau, who coordinated this year’s blood drive. Anyone over age 17 can donate blood on their own, but those 16 and younger require consent from a parent or guardian.

“There are often shortages at hospitals, so donating regularly is important so they have a surplus,” said Mrs. Bonneau. Nearly twice that number of donors had signed up, but the bloodmobile was a few hours late so not all donors who signed up could give blood.

In spite of the bloodmobile snafu, Mrs. Bonneau was optimistic about the results this year. “Any time we can pull together to do something for the community makes the effort worthwhile,” she said.

Senior Ava C. also commented on how important it is to give blood. She said, “There’s a massive blood shortage going on and the Red Cross and other organizations are always in need. It’s also an easy way to make a difference in the world.”

Although she was not there to give a donation herself, Junior Bernadette F. also commented on the importance of giving back to the community.

“As students, we are so fortunate to attend the beautiful high school we do. By donating blood, individuals express their gratitude and help countless people in the area,” said Bernadette. “Donating blood is an incredible experience and opportunity to reach out to those in the community and world who are in need.”

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