What’s Next Tech?

What’s Next Tech?

By Olivia E.

Many seniors ask the question of “What is going to happen to my laptop once I hand it in at the end of the year?” Many more any are asking the question of “Where is my laptop going to go if they are making a schoolwide transition to ChromeBooks next year?”

Mrs. Lewis, who is the Head of the Technology Department for all of Duxbury Public Schools, said, “When the students hand them in we check them over and check for damage and we check the asset tag number. Then we put them into piles and once the seniors are gone we go through them and kind of rate them. When we are looking at them we’re writing down on an inventory sheet what the damage is because we are going to repurpose them for Chandler.”

There has been a rumor for many years now that seniors have the option to either hand in their laptop or pay an extra fee to be able to keep it. Mrs. Lewis was able to confirm that this was indeed a rumor and said, “there are actually state laws around what we do with our laptops, so basically what we have to do is if we don’t use them here, we go to school committee and declare them as either unfit for use, so for disposal, or surplus, and at that point if they are declared surplus, they are offered to the town for the town employees.”

Due to the rumors regarding the fact that seniors could keep their laptops, it would be interesting to see how many seniors would actually end up keeping them. Chris C., who graduated from Duxbury High School in 2018, said, “I would’ve never considered keeping my laptop because it was too small.”

Current Duxbury High School senior Mia S. said, “I think at this point, I would turn it in. The software and technology is pretty outdated. For high school and middle school, it was good and did the job, but there are certain softwares and capabilities that I need to be able to do for college, but I wouldn’t, because of the restrictions.”

What seniors might not know is that when you turn in your laptop at the end of the year, if there is any damage caused to the device then you personally have to pay to cover the cost. Chris C., said, “My friends and I felt like we got screwed over because we had paid for insurance for our laptops and it didn’t even end up covering anything, causing us to have to pay a few hundred dollars for small things. For example, the keyboard or screen.”

Mia S., who personally has insurance for her laptop, has a different outlook on having to pay for any damage in addition to paying for insurance. She said, “I think it is pretty fair because even with my personal computer that I bought on my own I purchased insurance and all it does is it gives me lower fees for repairing damage, so I think it is pretty just for them to still have to charge if there is damage caused.”

The amount of money students have to pay really depends on the damage. Mrs. Lewis said, “If you have current insurance on your laptop then we would use your insurance unless it is damage not covered by your insurance. There are specifics.”

In terms of the plan for this upcoming year at both Alden and Chandler, Mrs. Lewis said, “We will take all of the laptops that the seniors turn it to be refreshed because of the ChromeBooks. After we go through them all, Chandler is going to get carts of twenty-four MacBook Airs because right now all they have is iPads. But, going from second to third grade, the third graders need to be able know how to type because in the spring they end up taking MCAS and they will have to do some typing because it is now all electronic.”

The plan for both the high school and middle school is as follows, Mrs. Lewis said, “We are taking the sixth grade MacBook Air carts and we’ll go through those laptops and then we will also put more in and we have a few other carts in storage that we are also going to fill, but we want to be able to have carts of the MacBook Airs for the middle school and high school so if teachers have a project that they really love that they need a MacBook for so that they have the option. I’m hoping twelve carts, a couple on each floor, at the middle school and high school for regular classes and foreign language classes to be able to use them and teachers will sign them out.”

Seniors will turn their laptops before graduation as the return of their original green laptop case and charger is something that needs to be fulfilled in order to receive their cap and gown.

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