Appreciate team 4908

Appreciate team 4908

By Cooper D.


On the weekends of March 23rd and 24th and March 30th and 31st, the Duxbury Robotics Team took part in two competitions. In the first competition, they placed last and in the second they placed 27 out of 39.


These placements are better than last years when they were unable to participate due to the robot breaking during the competition. “We definitely did better this year,” said Augustas S. “Last year our robot broke down in our second competition weekend and we completely dropped out.”.


The competitions are staged with three robots on a team and the robots need to complete different tasks. “We could not score enough points as we did best at only one job; placing hatches,” said Augustas S. “The judges only like ranking the most versatile bots higher that can do more than one job really good”.


The Duxbury robot could perform well at one task but could not perform as well at the other tasks.


The robotics team hopes to improve in the coming years “If we get sponsors that would teach us how to build better or just get more money, we would definitely do better next year.”  Said Harrison M.


If the team can improve their robot and get it to complete all the tasks well they will do better in placement next year.

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