Senior Night Out

Senior Night Out

By Olivia E.

On April 4th, the senior class had the privilege of spending the evening cruising around Boston Harbor on The Odyssey, a passenger boat. On the boat, they were given dinner and dessert. Aside from the food, there was a DJ on board which called for an unlimited amount of dancing.

Liam F, who is a current senior, said, “The night exceeded my expectations. The food was phenomenal. The venue was amazing and I think it was a really great bonding experience for the senior class since in the next couple of weeks we will all be saying our goodbyes.”

The senior class kept checking the forecast leading up to the evening and it wasn’t showing any signs of warm temperatures. Maddie E, who is also a current Senior, said, “The weather definitely impacted my experience in more of a negative way then positive. When walking to the busses afterwards and when you wanted to go take pictures out on the deck was freezing, but otherwise inside of the boat was fine.”

Liam F said, “I had a great time. I loved how everyone had to get dressed up. I thought it was a great time. The food was great. The weather could’ve been a little bit better. But, overall I thought it was a really nice event and I am glad that I went.”

This year’s Senior Class Advisor, Mrs. O’Brien, was one of the chaperones of the evening. As it was her third time being present at the event, she knew what she was in for.

“My expectations were probably different than the students expectations. My expectation was that the students had fun in the environment that was set up and that everybody was safe and made good choices. The busses showed up, everybody was here on time, everybody was respectful. It absolutely met my expectations. Overall, the night was pretty flawless.”

This year’s Senior Night Out differed from years past, “In comparison to years past, it was lowkey,” said Mrs. O’Brien, “ I will say that I think the cruise was way too long. Very long. It was an hour longer than it has been. I am not sure how that came about, it was kind of news to me. We sailed until eleven, so it really made for a very long evening in general, which is fine.”

In terms of the plans for the incoming senior class, Mr. Files, who is the Junior Class Advisor, has done some brainstorming with the junior class officers and they are looking at maybe some other options besides going on The Odyssey next year. “They are more on the track of having some daytime activities with an event following in the evening,” said Mrs. O’Brien, “The Senior class this year really liked the idea of what has happened traditionally. Therefore, they all embraced the tradition,” said Mrs. O’Brien.

If Senior Night Out is hosted at the same venue next year, Maddie E said, “My advice for girls would be to not wear heels. Also, bring a jacket.”

Additionally, Liam F said, “Don’t stress it when picking out your outfit. Go with the flow. In the end, everyone ends up having a great time and make sure you embrace the experience. Don’t just sit at one of the tables all night and watch everyone else have fun, get on the dance floor and have some fun yourself!”

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