Web on The Wall

Web on The Wall


By: Jack D


Beware DHS Aracnaphobes.


The famous, unnamed spider in the window has been gaining popularity lately. The spider can be found in the stairwell by the guidance office in the window between the second and third floors.  The web has been increasing in size for at least four years.


Duxbury High School assistant principal Mr. Scozzaro said, “We, at the administration, know about the web. But as it is outside, it is not worth the time or money to get rid of.”


Senior Ryan D said, “That spider is making a huge web but I have yet to see the actual spider. I wonder what species it is.”


The species of spider is still unknown because nobody has actually seen it.


Senior Liam C said, “That spider kinda freaks me out because it could be the biggest spider in Duxbury and it could fall anytime.”


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