Budding Talent

Budding Talent

By Arden Y

The crowd cheered loudly as juniors Ryan H. and Lily W. both frantically drew sketches of the given word. The friendly art contest, the roar of the crowd, and the faces of people having a good time (both audience and performers) was enough to prove that this year’s talent show was a success.

On April 4th, the annual DuxBuds (formally Best Buddies) talent and variety show took place from 6 to 8 PM in the PAC.

Ryan and Lily’s act was only one of the many that preformed that night. Many students at Duxbury High School were encouraged to participate, and attendance did not disappoint; a variety of acts included singing (including Pac Man and Here Comes Treble), comedy, dancing, various instrument performances, and so much more. Students as well as teachers performed in the show, including the classic teacher comedy skit.

One student who performed was sophomore Rachel S. She sang “House of Gold” by Twenty-One Pilots and performed on her ukulele. “It felt good but a little scary,” she said. “And I thought it was a really good experience and a great show!”

Senior Tammy H. also appeared in the talent show. Every year, Tammy choreographs her own dance routine for the show. This year she danced to “What About Love?” by artist Austin Mahone.

“After I perform, I feel like I accomplished something, facing my fears,” Tammy said. “I was always nervous going on stage in my younger age, and now I’m not. I really enjoy the audience clapping and cheering for me. It’s wonderful to hear”.

Junior Jessica M. was in charge of planning and putting together the show this year. Sophie T. and Jacob H. were the hosts who introduced each act. Along with help from Student Council and Duxbuds, a lot of work went into the show.

“I really wanted to make this one of the best variety shows DuxBuds has had in the past few years,” Jessica said “After the show, I was ecstatic with the turnout. I was so thankful for all of the officers, performers, [Student Co.], and my advisors who all helped to make the show possible. The outcome of the show surpassed all of my expectations and I can’t wait to make the show even better next year.”

Many other people also believed that the show was a success and very rewarding.

“Being in the Talent Show made me feel confident and strong,” said Tammy. “Also, having people supporting you like your friends and family is great. I hope I can inspire young students, to do what they enjoy and never be afraid to show their full strength and talent because they are doing it for hard work!”

Also at the show, there were different raffles to enter. These included two free prom tickets, a staff parking spot, a Duxbury fan pack (included a hat, a shirt, a water bottle, etc.), and many more. The winners were announced at the end of the show. As for the winners of the talent show: there were none. The main goal of the show was for students to have fun regardless of their level of talent, without the stress of coming in first.

“The overall experience was amazing,” said Jessica. “I loved seeing all of my talented peers perform and step out of their comfort zones. I also was so happy to see students from the collaborative classroom perform amazing acts. My bud Joey performed a dance with Rebecca Divergilio, Lydia Leech, and I, and it was by far my favorite act of the night because I was able to see him be himself and just have fun”.

The Duxbuds talent show will happen next year and hopefully for many more to come. The profits were split between Student Council and Duxbuds.

“I think it’s great to have it at our high school because then any student can do their greatest talents they have, to show everyone,” Tammy said, “Everyone has a talent, no matter what!”

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