Student Opinions on Open Classrooms

Student Opinions on Open Classrooms

Ben Acker


Open classrooms.

In the middle school, there are comfortable lounging areas for students in the morning. While in the high school they serve as normal classrooms, with a makeshift wall.

“I don’t mind the open classrooms unless it’s lunch block, then it’s really hard to focus,” said Junior Michael T.

Many students seem to have mixed opinions on open classrooms. It is not clear whether they will or could be changed in the future.

“I think they should get rid of the open classrooms. It seems like there are enough classrooms to turn them into a relaxing area like the ones in the middle school,” said sophomore Dan A.

In the middle school, there are similar areas to these, which include couches and tables which students primarily use in the morning.

“Lunch block is the only time that open classrooms really bother me unless people are doing things in the hallway at a different time,” said freshman Sam H.

Open classrooms have been around since this school was built in 2014, but still there does not seem to be a student consensus on them

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