Taking Advantage of the Time Off

Taking Advantage of the Time Off

By Piper G.

Often the hardest stretch of the year for both students and teachers is the period between February and April vacation.  During this stretch, it seems like there will never be an end to the five day school week, and the dreary weather of melting snow which gradually transitions into dismal rain does not do much to aid the morale.

However, when April vacation finally comes around many people take it as an opportunity to do things that they can’t do during the school year.  Some of these activities include catching up on sleep, traveling, and exploring areas locally for those more inclined to stay around at home during the vacation.

Many juniors also take this free time to explore colleges that they are interested in, or study for standardized testing.  

Here at Duxbury High School, there were many different activities that occurred during April vacation, ranging from tropical getaways to restful days spent at home catching up on sleep.  

Sophomore Hannah N. said about her break,  “I stayed in Duxbury and then went into Boston for a couple of days, and had track and field practice every day.”  =

For many dedicated athletes, practice is mandatory during break and sometimes certain teams have games matches or meets over the vacation which requires members on the team to stay home so that they can attend practice.  

Junior Meagan B. took advantage of the time off and toured colleges she was interested in.  She said, “I toured Syracuse University. I really liked it.”

For many students, being able to tour colleges while students are there going about their everyday lives is valuable because students are able to see the normal environment of the college.  

Another student, Juliet L., took advantage of the break by resting at home.  When asked what she did over break, she said, “Absolutely nothing.”

Overall, the trends of this past April Break at DHS show that many people were productive during the break in taking time for themselves and enjoying the time off from school.  As May is generally considered one of the busiest months at DHS many students will need the rest they acquired during April Break to push through the remainder of the school year.

*picture taken in Falmouth MA over April Break

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