A New Director Steps Up for Spring Fest

A New Director Steps Up for Spring Fest

By Daniel F.

A new director will be tackling one of the plays for this year’s Spring Fest. History teacher Mr. Mael will be directing The Adventures of Super Margaret with student-director senior Liam O. “I’ve never directed anything but I’ve always been such a big fan of theater and performance art,” said Mr. Mael.

The play follows the life of high school student Margaret who deals with typical problems along with saving the world. Then, the prom king and queen are kidnapped by the Nefarious Evil Genius, and Super Margaret must rescue them.

“I wanted something fun, I wanted something that had a lot of people in it,” said Mr. Mael. “It’s a cool story. I love the idea of a teen superhero.”

Student-director Liam O. thinks it’s great working with a fellow new director.

“Mr. Mael is one of my favorite teachers in the school, he has a very positive energy that I think translates well into a good learning environment, and I enjoy directing with him because of his enthusiasm.”

Junior Willy T. agrees with Liam.

“He’s a great director,” he said. “I’m very impressed with what he can do since it’s his first show.”

Spring Fest will be June 7th and 8th at the Black Box Theater.


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