A Global Future

A Global Future

By Kaitlyn B. and Kira B.

It may be true that we live in a World physically separated by borders, but why do we keep those as anything beyond simple economic conveniences? We treat these borders as true walls, ones that can’t be surpassed, even if given the resources.

On one single planet, we’re living in different worlds. The Earth is only a blip in an exponentially expanding universe, and us humans are only a spec within the blip. Our differences are smaller than us, and smaller than our planet. The things we have in common are so much bigger, and so much more powerful. Our ability to love, Our capacity for passion, and our chance to feel success while also feeling failure, unify us.


We create even more borders beyond what already exists internationally, from culture or language, currency or politics, sexuality or gender. We divide ourselves unnecessarily, and all these physical divisions simply rest on the surface level of our humanity.

Why can’t we treat this planet as a place where everyone is welcome? We are separated by resources, language, wealth, and beliefs. We are separated by distance, hatred, and war.

We were all born here, we all contribute something, whether be it diamonds from The Congo, petroleum from Ukraine, fish produce from Greenland, capital goods from the USA, tropical plant products from Niue, gold from the United Kingdom, cotton from China, livestock from Namibia, or anything else among the mass of countries on our planet.

Why is English a language people wish we all could speak? Why can’t we learn the voices of others and not just stick to our own, immersing ourselves in foreign cultures? Why is currency something some wish was homogenous; when it was once a huge symbol of each land on Earth?

Humans separate themselves with man-made machines, fighting one another with deadly weapons without reason. Humans allow toxic gasses to emit from factories, slowly destroying the only planet we have, our own Earth.

Shouldn’t we be joining hands and pushing back against this commercial, corrupted industry and shattered fundamentals of so many people that reside with us, moving more towards a global future?

We must see beyond the color of one’s skin, the language they speak, the God they believe in, and the people they love, because behind it all – they are human. We must try to understand the world by travelling to places different than our home, and meeting people that see the world in a completely new and enamoring way. We must expand our understanding by taking in millions of different perspectives, in a world of billions of different people.

We may have 195 countries and 7.53 billion people, but one Earth – and it is for all of us.


featured image and all other images by Kaitlyn B. and Kira B.

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