Senior Homework In May??

Senior Homework In May??


By: Melanie L and Jack D


Stop. No more homework for seniors. On the last few weeks of school, no senior should bear the atrocities of wasting away for hours each day completing homework. We have worked through four years of high school homework and worked hard throughout our entire high school careers.


There are several reasons why seniors should be exempt from homework after a certain point in the school. Reason number one, there is only two weeks of school left. What’s the point of extra homework if a senior has already been excused from the final?


The seniors who are not excused need time to prepare for their upcoming finals. Throughout the month of May, AP exams are going on. These single tests determine future placement for seniors into different classes at their college.


Reason number two, If a senior is already committed to a college,a college will not care about a weeks worth of homework grades. No student is going to be able to learn a new topic in ten days of homework.


Overall, homework is a burden on seniors in the month of May. This burden is too much for some seniors who have a culmination of other more important tasks to complete throughout the month of May. Seniors should only have AP exams finals and college plans to worry about. Between it all, homework is more of a burden than a necessity for seniors in the month of may.

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