A Blast From The Past

A Blast From The Past

By Olivia E.

As high school comes to an end for the current senior class, both students and teachers are taking this time to reflect back on the past four years of their lives. Mrs. Hart, a Latin teacher at the high school, has had the current senior class since their freshman year.

She said, “I had a small group of Latin II students when this class was freshman and it was a kind of crazy, yet motivated group of kids and I have seen them grow into more adult-like behavior, more concerned for each other, more focused on academics.”

Mrs. Raftery, a math teacher at the high school, has had the current Senior class since their sophomore year, “First time I had any of the current Senior class was sophomore year. I remember whiny sophomores who didn’t want to do anything, kind of not really mathematically adventurous. They didn’t want to raise their hands, didn’t want to say anything, didn’t want to be wrong. A lot of smiling and nodding. Then, this year, I have gotten a lot more questions, a lot more people are being challenged. Challenging in that the norms have become challenging, challenging the things that have always been and why, which is a sign that this class is ready to move on to college and ready to get out of high school.”

Current senior class students Maddie E. and Liam F. had two very different favorite memories from high school. Maddie E. said, “80s day was my favorite memory because it fun to be able to get away with dancing on tables while playing 80s music. The sign that was made to represent the Senior class for the pep rally was really cool too.”

When Liam F. said, “My favorite memory was my AP Government class last year. It was a great group of kids and really fun. Ms. Ruback was an absolutely phenomenal teacher. It was a tough loss to see her leave Duxbury, I wish she was still here. Overall, it was just a great class and a really fun environment. We all worked really hard and it was a great time.”

Mrs. Hart had many highlights in terms of memories from the past four years, but the one that really stood out was the way in which the Senior class ended it’s high school career, she said, “I like how by the end of senior year a lot of the initial groups that had been formed whether it’s the drama group, the athletic groups, or the art group, those barriers seem to be broken and seniors tend to become more an adhesive group rather than a segregated group. I have seen that very much in this class, it often happens, but I have definitely seen it more with this particular group of kids.”

Out all of the events and traditions that go on each year of high school, Maddie E. said, “My favorite grade in terms of the memories made was Senior year because we all knew where we were going to college and therefore we are able to enjoy our last year being high schoolers which is a lot of fun.”

Liam F. said, “Freshman year was my favorite year in terms of the memories made. We all felt very mature coming from middle school and not having as much freedom and then all of the sudden being treated as an actual adult.”

Spirit Week is always a huge highlight for all every year and it is also one of Mrs. Raftery’s favorites as well, she said, “It is always fun watching the Senior class on spirit week. This class was mad because you couldn’t do the painter suits Junior year and no togas this year. But, then they were talking about taking away 80s day and everybody flipped out because every year each class looks forward to 80s day as a Senior. It is a right of passage and it is always fun. I always record from up above in the window of my classroom when everyone is dancing in the courtyard, so it is always cool to look back on the different years.”

Goodbyes are hard and endings are bittersweet, Maddie E. said, “I am going to miss seeing particular people everyday and the teachers. Essentially, just walking around a familiar building and seeing familiar faces is what I am going to miss the most.” The Senior classes’ last full day of high school is May 20th with finals following for the remaining of that week and then graduation day is June 1st.

Featured Image Credits to Karen Wong.

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