Crawling Towards the Finish Line: Class of 2019 Nears the End

Crawling Towards the Finish Line: Class of 2019 Nears the End

By Kacy C. and Kaitlyn B.

Graduation is upon us. As the senior class’s days in Duxbury High School come to an end, some are struggling to stay motivated—even with four and a half days left. “Senioritis” has kicked in for most seniors and the class of 2019 is feeling its’ effect.

Some seniors, like Kelsey D, only stay motivated for college and so they don’t have to take their finals. “ I am really trying to keep my grades up because I don’t want my college to look at them and rescind my offer of admission. I also just don’t want to take my finals,” said Kelsey D.

For other seniors, the drop in grades and potential backlash from colleges doesn’t scare them. Emma B. is one of such seniors.

“I’m not failing any of my classes, but there has been a drop in some of my grades. As long as you don’t fail every one of your classes and start skipping school, you should be okay,” said  Emma B.

Even as the end of the year is approaching, there are still some seniors who are fighting to stay motivated, and not out of fear either. Laurel B. stays motivated as a way to prepare for college.

“College is going to be much more intense than high school has been, so if you don’t stay on top of it, college isn’t going to be any better,” said Laurel B.

With all of the loads of homework and AP Exams, seniors who do want to stay motivated may have drops in grade because of circumstance.

“Teacher’s have been piling up the work on seniors and we are all feeling it right now. We just want to be done,” said Emma B. “I know some kids who are taking 5 AP’s right now and have like ten projects due this week. They are really trying.”

Even with all of the festivities and end of the year projects, many seniors still are thankful for their time here at Duxbury High School.

“Even with all the ups and downs of the past couple of weeks, it doesn’t make me any less happy about the time I spent here,” said Kelsey D. “I really am grateful and wish everyone good luck on the next couple steps of life.”

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