GOT it Memorized? Game of Thrones and Fantasy Part Two

GOT it Memorized? Game of Thrones and Fantasy Part Two

By Arden Y.

Imagine it’s fourth block on a Monday. After a relaxing weekend, you’re extremely tired, and getting back into the swing of school can be hard. After what feels like hours, it’s finally lunchtime. Instead of heading to the noisy cafeteria, you chose to go to the library. You eagerly flip open your laptop, Google HBONOW, and hastily click on Game of Thrones. You’re hoping against hope that you have enough time to watch at least half an episode before the bell rings. After twenty exciting minutes of dragons, magic, and epic battles, you are forced to pull out your headphones and travel back to class, almost forgetting for a second that you’re still in school and not in Winterfell.

Game of Thrones is part of the fantasy genre. Many kids, teens, and adults in this generation enjoy fantasy worlds and fandoms such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, and so many more. This genre includes movies, books, TV shows, and even video games such as Fortnite, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts.

Senior Tess D. said, “I think that the technology in this generation has really allowed for fantasy to take off since they are able to make things seem so realistic on television and in movies. It’s incredible how believable they’re able to make everything seem and it’s so exciting to watch. Kids these days love it because they are able to truly immerse themselves in it and get away from the stress of everyday life”.

There are many reasons why the fantasy genre appeals to so many people. Game of Thrones and other fantasy stories allow people to experience a different world in a different way. Whether it’s reading a book, watching a movie, or playing a video game, these worlds help people escape the stress of reality and imagine themselves as a hero.

“I think the fantasy genre is more interesting than reality” senior Isabel D. said, “We experience the real world every day, so it’s refreshing to see a world that’s different from ours. It’s a good way to escape our problems and entertaining too!”

Another reason people enjoy fantasy is because they can connect to the characters. Even though these stories are filled with magic and other elements that cannot exist in the real world, the way characters think and act in both reality and fiction is the same.

Mr. Pravia said, “For Game of Thrones, it’s a very human story. The fantasy element of it is so well done. These characters are so well developed with their own motivations, their own plot lines and story arcs, and the magical element of it. I feel like [the creators] are very good at selling it.”

Mr. Pravia also said that GOT and other series are so well loved because they base many of their ideas off of history. “If we think about historically, people did believe in magic and the power of the god, and ancestral spirits, so I don’t think it’s far fetched for people to adopt that mind set when they go into a story book” he said. “I actually think it’s kind of healthy to look at the world as your ancestors might have had.”

Whatever genre you enjoy, there’s not doubt that enchanting, well told stories have a place in many peoples’ hearts. There are so many different types of stories out there, just waiting to be enjoyed. Whether you prefer the thrill of exploring a new world, the peace of escaping the stress of high school, or the historical aspects and background, it’s hard not to find a story that is just right for you.

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