The Final Episode is Coming! Game of Thrones and Fantasy Part One

The Final Episode is Coming! Game of Thrones and Fantasy Part One

By Arden Y.

If you think this show is going to have a happy ending, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Game of Thrones is a very popular HBO original series based on the equally popular books by George R. R. Martin. The first season of the show came out in 2011, and now the final season has finally arrived.

“The new season has been great!” said senior Isabel D. “They’re really giving the audience everything they want to see before the show ends”.

Students and teachers alike at Duxbury High School enjoy Game of Thrones and have strong opinions on the newest episodes.

Not gonna lie, it feels a little rushed,” said high school history teacher Mr. Pravia.

“I really appreciate it, I really I like the cinematic quality of it and the look of it. However, I feel like some of the story arcs are really forced [and] some of the depths of writing has gone away.”

A lot of people, online and in the halls of DHS, agree with Mr. Pravia. Many feel like the final season is a bit of a let down after a year and a half of waiting for it. Complaints include a fast paced plot, characters’ unrealistic decisions, and a Starbucks coffee cup that was accidently left on set during a very important scene.

Senior Tess D. had a different view on the final season.

“I think this most recent season has gotten a lot of backlash for moving too slow, but I don’t think that’s the case” she said. “A lot of crazy things have happened and I’ve really loved it”.

Many people have been fans of the show for a long time and have been very loyal to the series.

Mr. Pravia started watching when he was in college.

“I remember being in my college dorm room watching the season premiere, and absolutely falling in love with the show,” he said.

Both Isabel and Tess have been watching the show for three years. For new and die-hard fans, Game of Thrones is a series that is very important to so many people all around the world. Over the years, it has become a topic of conversation and a source of global connection.

All in all, the final season of GOT has been met with different emotions, but there’s no doubt the series will continue to be loved by millions for many years into the future.

“Everyone loves [Game of Thrones] because it’s epic.” Tess said, “the characters are complicated and amazing and overall it is so entertaining to watch. You find yourself so emotionally invested in the people and amazed with the special effects and how real they make this fantasy world seem”.

“I think it’s been a good season and I am looking forward to seeing how they are going to end it”.

The final episode will air next Sunday on HBO at 9 o’clock.

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