Dr. Antonucci’s take on Technology Education

By: Fletcher Donohoe

Technology education takes on numerous forms in Duxbury Public Schools.

“At the younger grades, it is really about getting students comfortable with the technology,” said Dr. Antonucci, the superintendent of Duxbury Public Schools. “As you get older, I think it becomes much more skill based.”

Younger grades often are introduced to technology in a user-friendly, easy to understand manner. However, technology is an integral part of learning in higher grades.

“I think the one important thing, or at least the era that we are in now, is that technology gives kids so much more access than what we can provide in the schools,” said Dr. Antonucci.

Technology gives students the ability to open many doors in education.

“At the higher grades, it is really about trying to teach the kids how to harness the technology, and how to enhance their learning,” Dr. Antonucci added.

Learning management systems like Schoology, and word processing systems are used every day by students across the district. Whether it be for school or other aspects of life, students learn how to use the programs.

“In middle school, we start to introduce the basics, the things that, I think, you need to function in the world. Whether it be Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or some kind of spreadsheet technology,” said Dr. Antonucci. “It is more life skills, and skills that kids are going to use, not only to be successful in school but also beyond school.”

Technology specialization is another form of education at DPS. “At the upper grades, it starts to be more specialized,” said Dr. Antonucci. “We have some options [at the high school] but just not enough.”

As society’s relationship with technology continues to deepen, Dr. Antonucci is eager for more programs and opportunities to be offered at Duxbury Public Schools.

“We as a district just created a new strategic plan for 3-5 years, and one of the very specific things we looked at in that strategic plan was how can we increase the amount of technology instruction, especially in those upper grades; how can we have coding, and actually can we even put things like that down to the lower grades.”

Technology education is a large part of education in the DPS system and continues to grow.

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