Going to College For More Knowledge

 Going to College For More Knowledge

By: Jack D and Ben A

The class of 2019 is going to many different colleges throughout not only the country but also the world. According to a poll conducted by The Dragon Flyer, more than 90 percent of the class of 2019 is attending college and more than 60 percent are going out of Massachusetts to do so. With a sample size of 84 students, The Dragon Flyer’s poll found that 50 students are going out-of-state and 34 people are staying in Massachusetts.

Senior Alex K. is one of the many who are saying goodbye to Massachusetts.

“I’m going out of state because I’m done with Massachusetts and don’t want to be here anymore.”  

Alex did concede that is it significantly more expensive to go out of state. That price tag was the deciding factor for many.

“I’m going in-state because it is cheaper,” said senior Michael G.

In-state is cheaper due to decreased tuition for students who reside in the same state as the college they are attending.

The class of 2019 appears to be evenly split on where they are going to get their college education.

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