Humans of Duxbury: Bella C.

Humans of Duxbury: Bella C.

By Arden Y

Meet junior Bella C!

Bella is a creative, artistic, and enthusiastic student here at DHS. Her favorite colors are light purple and dark green.

Bella is very hard working. Aside from going to school, she has an afterschool job. “I currently work at the movie theater with my friend Genny” she said.

While balancing work and school can be a challenge, Bella is very prepared and on top of her game.

“I just try to do most of my [school] work at school,” she said. “If I get home from work and still have homework I’ll either just go to bed and not do it or get up early the next day to do it.”

Bella has many creative interests and spends her free time doing stuff she enjoys. She said, “I like to go thrifting. Sometimes I like doing makeup. Other times listening to music and drawing”.

Bella loves to experiment with her hair and will often have a different hair color. “When I get really bored I like dying my hair” she said. With colors ranging from pink to black, and her collection of beautiful accessories, Bella is not afraid to express herself.

Make sure to give Bella a wave when you see her at DHS!

(from right to left) Bella with her friends Ali G, Callie R, and Brooke F.

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