Lily W – Star Golf Athlete

Lily W – Star Golf Athlete

By Piper G.

Junior Lily W can be seen often in the halls of Duxbury wearing her golf sports gear, showing her passion for a sport that she has become an integral part of.  Lily has made headlines at Duxbury High School this past spring sports season as being a standout golf player. The golf team has just completed a perfect regular season and as a team finished second at the MIAA south sectional tournament.  

Lily has consistently been one of the top scorers in golf this past season and has proved a vital teammate on the course.  Surprisingly, Lily picked up golf fairly recently, only have begun it her freshman year. “The first practice was the first time I played golf,” said Lily.  

Lily lives in Duxbury with her family: three younger siblings and a dog named Phoebe.  And for her, golf is not only confined to the time during practice. For Lily, practice is every day.  During the summer, Lily plays golf for approximately eight hours every day, whereas during the school year she limits herself to practicing one to three hours every day after school.  Her favored practice area is the Marshfield Country Club.

This season, in Lily’s words, has gone “pretty well.”  Despite the practices being long and the weather sometimes being fickle, the hard work put in by Lily and her teammates certainly show with their success this past season.  

Lily believes the most memorable match of the season for her is when she won a match on the last putt.  “The hole was seven feet away, but I got it in on one putt and won the match,” said Lily.

As for future goals, Lily aspires to continue her golf career in college, but as for right now, some short-term goals focus primarily upon this summer. “My goal is to win a couple of tournaments this summer and improve more,” said Lily.  

Lily’s friend Juliet L, who has known Lily since seventh grade, commented on Lily’s adeptness in both school and in sport.  “She is very hardworking and very good at golf, and also very good at Spanish class,” said Juliet.

Lily’s season for the Duxbury golf team has certainly displayed her talent and will certainly be highlighted next season as well.  

For Lily, her connection to golf was instantaneous.  “I always wanted to try golf,” said Lily. “And as soon as I tried it, I loved it.”  


*Images submitted by Lily W.

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