Why cheese is simply MAGNIFICIENT

By Anouk.L

Cheeses are the accomplishment of all human innovations. From milk to a perfect, creamy and smelly food, one bite can make you feel like you’ve just travelled to an exotic country. There are just so many different kinds of cheeses, how could I find the one? Feta, brie, camembert, mozzarella, parmigiano, gruyere, these words sound delightful to my ears. Did you know that some cheeses are older than you? Cheeses are memory, they remind us of ancient times and give us the best lesson: that years make a better person out of you. In France, cheese is a religion. In fact–if you are anything like me–you might be a part of the secret Goat Cheese Brotherhood. These people are seen like the elite of society, their community is respected by all and they are the personal counselors of the president in times of crisis.

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