Why Cheese Is Simply The WORST!

Why Cheese Is Simply The WORST!

By Piper G

Hear me out.  Cheese isn’t as grate as everyone makes it out to be.

Cheese.  Just the word itself makes me shudder.  Gooey, thick blocks of lactose. Cheese on top of other foods is bearable, and I’ll admit, sometimes can even be delectable.  However, the sport of munching on blocks of cheese for enjoyment is barbaric.  Picture this: you pack your lunch and throw in, and I shudder at the thought, a stick of cheese.  After a few hours at lunch you pull out the stick and take a big bite into the soggy, moist, dripping-with-cheese-water, stick of doom.  The taste of cheese is simply horrendous. Blue cheese: musty and bacteria-filled. Cheddar: stomach-turning and unpalatable. And don’t even get me started on the “holy” Swiss cheese. I simply don’t see how anyone could desire to munch on the squishy blocks of dairy. Why would you choose cheese when there are so many other better foods to eat.  Cheese is– and forever will be–overrated.  The taste, the flavor, the texture; all aspects are simply dreadful.  And it is painfully boring to look at.


Admit it, cheese is not all it’s cracked up to brie. 

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