Blacklisted From The Black Box?

Blacklisted From The Black Box?

By Liv M

Ever since the new Duxbury High School was built in 2014, students involved in drama club have been flocking to the black box and presentation hall to eat lunch. However, controversy has arisen in recent years because the Duxbury High School administration disapproves of unsupervised students eating, hanging out, or talking during lunch hours in the black box. Oftentimes, the students are supervised by Mr. MacFarlane, the high school drama teacher.

Out of respect for the custodians and other students that have class in the Black Box, administration has cracked down on the number of kids who eat there. Mr. Scozzaro, the assistant principal of DHS said, “I totally understand why students would want to do that, but from our point of view it is not okay. Students should not be allowed to take food out of the cafeteria and go into a classroom, and the black box counts as a classroom.”

There is a correlation between the number of students in the Black Box and the amount of trash that the custodians have to clean up. Although some students do not clean up after themselves, the students who treat the black box like their second home are still penalized, even though it is not their trash.

President of the Drama Club, Emily B. said, “I don’t see a problem with eating in the black box. Drama kids respect the space, and it’s honestly a nice place to get away from it all. It’s the same as band kids going to the band room for lunch, so why can’t we?”

While Darin M. may be in the black box for the majority of the time, there are some times where he has to take his classes elsewhere. According to administration, it is not okay for students to eat in the black box, or any unauthorized area, if there is no teacher present. Mr. Scozzaro said, “If Darin can be there to supervise students eat, then that is perfectly fine. But if he has stuff to do that requires him to leave the black box, then that puts him in a bind.”

Secretary of the drama club, Julia C. said, “Yes, I do think that students should be able to eat in the black box if they keep the space respected. If the area is kept clean then I believe there is no harm in letting students eat there.”

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