Celebrating a Year With Anouk, Charlotte, and Pedro

Celebrating a Year With Anouk, Charlotte, and Pedro

By Piper G.

This past year, Duxbury High School had the pleasure to have three foreign exchange students attend.  Anouk Leger from France, Charlotte Alberti from Germany, and Pedro Nunez from Spain. These three students lived with host families for the entire year and participated in clubs, sports, and other extracurriculars—just like students at DHS.  These three students had a massive, positive impact on the faculty and students at DHS and shared aspects of their culture.

Tess D, a graduated senior, ran cross country with Anouk and Charlotte.  

“It’s been really nice being able to bond with them,” said Tess. “We [her, Anouk, and Charlotte] ran cross country together and Charlotte and Anouk really held the team together; they were the glue of the team and they made everything so much more fun.”  

The exchange students, who arrived in August, jumped into sports with Anouk and Charlotte joining the cross country team and Pedro joining the soccer team.

Another teammate, junior Izzy F., said, “During this past fall, Anouk and Charlotte both participated in the amazing sport of cross country and the entire team loved them.  We all bonded and made so many fun memories especially with the coaches. We had bus rides, van rides, group sing-alongs. It was a really amazing time and I’ll miss them forever.”

It is apparent through talking to teammates, club members, and students who were in the same classes as Anouk, Charlotte and Pedro that they had a massive impact upon the other students and were able to make close friends.  

“They are just the type of people who are really open to trying new things and experiences and it was so fun to introduce them to life here,” said Tess. “We had some crazy adventures together and they really made my senior year an amazing one,” said Tess.  

Having the guts to go to a country across the ocean living with complete strangers is definitely not an ideal adventure to everyone, but for Anouk, Charlotte, and Pedro , they were able to completely change their lives by choosing to come to America for a year.  

Senior Maria R. has fond memories with the foreign exchange students.

“I have so many memories with the AFS students, but specifically I had Project Adventure with Anouk and how she was always so optimistic and ready to take on any challenge and she taught everyone to be braver.” Project Adventure is one of the gym classes that the high school offers.  

The foreign exchange students truly had an impact on the community and were able to bring much to DHS.

This past year the addition of Anouk, Charlotte, and Pedro brought something new to DHS – they brought fun, diversity, and their own unique cultures.  They all made new friends and were able to learn about American culture as well. The Duxbury High School community will miss them next year!

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