Number Zero to Hero

Number Zero to Hero

Kira B.

Will P., a senior at Duxbury High School and a captain of the football team, has been a crucial component on the team since he was an underclassmen. 

Whether it was as a receiver, punter, punt returner, kick returner or now as the quarterback, Will has always taken his job on the field seriously. For the first time since 8th grade, Will took on the position as quarterback when the opportunity presented itself. Although he was expecting to play wide receiver again this fall, Will said that “Dave wanted me to play and I was happy to take the role.” Will is able to pick up any role that his coaches ask of him, making him an extremely versatile player.

Changing positions can be a difficult adjustment for any sport, but Will made the transition seamless with help from his coaches and teammates. “I had a lot of support and coaches have helped me get to where I am,” said Will.

Last Friday, September 6th, the Duxbury football team played their first game of the season against the Brockton Boxers. Will shared the role as quarterback with Matt F., a freshman on the team, switching positions every series. The Dragons ended up losing the game, but Will has high hopes for a different outcome this Friday.

“I am hoping to have less turnovers; that’s going to be the main focus for me,” said Will. “Taking care of the ball, hoping to get more first downs and driving it out of the field.”

This Friday, the Dragons will play Bridgewater-Raynham High School. “I’m confident that we will be more prepared and focused and hopefully not be 0-2,” said Will. “I’m really looking forward to playing BR.”

As a captain of the biggest sports team at DHS (roughly 60 players in the program), Will carries a lot of responsibility. By learning from past captains, Will has come to believe that being a good captain means being a good role model. 

“I’ve had good captains and bad captains,” said Will. “As a freshman and sophomore I always felt like the best captains would support the younger kids and be good role models for them, and the bad captains would do the opposite.”

McCian D, a senior at DHS and a longtime teammate of Will’s, sees how hard Will works to be a good role model. “Will is a great leader on and off the field because he leads by example,” said McCian. “Throughout the years he has become a leader. He works hard in the weight room, harder on the field, all to become a better player for his team.”

Being a part of the football team has shaped Will’s high school career. “Without football I probably wouldn’t be friends with any of the people I know now, and I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun,” said Will.

Feature Image by Todd Maddock

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