A Childhood Dream

A Childhood Dream

By Alex B

Ms. Brittany Martin is the new ASL teacher at Duxbury High School. All throughout her childhood, she wanted nothing more than to get to know Deaf culture better, and that’s exactly what she did. Ms. Brittany Martin grew up in Marshfield and has a best friend that’s deaf, she didn’t have any formal classes in Deaf studies until college. But did all she could to try and get to know Deaf culture better. 

Ms. Brittany Martin has a bachelor’s degree in Deaf Studies that she received at Towson University in Maryland and is working toward her master’s. Her favorite part of ASL is that it’s a small community and she finds that ASL is a good way to express herself because she can describe words in ASL that she can’t in English. When asked to share why she believes ASL can be a good language for anyone to learn she had this to say: “It’s good for anyone who might be dyslexic and you can see Deaf people every day and everywhere.” 

A current student of Ms. Brittany Martin’s, Kurt K., only had positive things to say about Ms. Brittany. 

Saying that she’s a good teacher, very thorough, very nice, and a “good teacher all around.” Going on to say that he thinks she’s going to offer her students an insight into the Deaf Community as a result of having a connection with the Deaf Community. 

Ms. Brittany Martin taught at an elementary school for the Deaf in Framingham for a year before coming here. 

She chose Duxbury as her school of choice to teach as a result of it being close to her hometown and she is very close to Mrs. Christine Robertson, one of the other ASL teachers that work at the High School, having known her since she was nine. Mrs. Christine Robertson spoke very highly of  Ms. Brittany saying that “she is compassionate, she’s intelligent, can relate to seniors, a beautiful signer, and will help make this program grow.”

Ms. Brittany Martin wanted to become an ASL teacher because she loves the language, culture, and people and her best friend are Deaf. Ms. Brittany’s friend was the driving factor in why she ultimately chose ASL. 

“I could really learn about who my friend was, what her culture was, and her language.” 

Ms. Brittany seemed really enthused to be here and teaching alongside one of her greatest mentors and friends. She spoke nothing but highly of the school and staff, saying “good vibes” when asked about the school overall. 















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