A Passion for Teaching

A Passion for Teaching

By Sarah C.

As Mrs. Boulanger walked into her room, a large red carpet was laid out in the middle of the class. The classrooms in Duxbury, usually full of posters advocating proper grammar usage, were oftentimes bare of a rug. The unique touch is just one of the plentiful ways Mrs. Lauren Boulanger has brought a different approach to Duxbury High School

Mrs. Boulanger, a University of California, Los Angeles and Harvard University Graduate, is one of the new English teachers to hold a position in the High School. 

Growing up in Mission Viejo, California, Mrs. Boulanger moved to the East Coast in 2018 for graduate school. 

Boulanger jokes about the differences between the West Coast and East Coast people saying, “West Coast people are “chill” to a fault and East Coast people are on the other side of the spectrum, oftentimes very intense.”

It took Mrs. Boulanger a while to figure out she wanted to do for a living. She sympathizes with her seniors who are stressed about discovering their jobs saying, “I was into advertising, PR, I wanted to be a doctor for a while, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer.” 

Out of all her job choices, one position was missing from her list: a teacher. “No, I never thought I’d be a teacher.” Boulanger’s passion for teaching did not come easy. “Growing up I wanted to have a job that when I told people what I did, people would tell me how special or important I was. But I was never really fulfilled by those jobs.”

After a brief time of wanting to go into admissions, Boulanger could no longer deny her love of teaching. “I realized that I have kinda been lying to myself about teaching for a long time, through that experience…I realized that teaching was a thing I’ve always wanted to do,” 

Although she eventually had her heart set on teaching, Boulanger  was very nervous about how she would be received in class by her students; However, she praised her students saying, “They were so supportive and they were so eager to learn..they were so insightful,”

Students reciprocate this sentiment. Sophomore Jillian B. says, “She makes everyone feel comfortable in her class, and it’s easy to talk to her. Her ideas have also been really helpful to get a grasp on whatever we’re learning.”

Boulanger made it clear that her first priority is her students. “I’ve always loved writing stories and hearing stories. But, I find it really important to help people tell their own stories.”

Dr. Baynes, English Language Arts Supervisor, commends Boulanger on her knowledge of literature and her personable personality. “She was passionate about students. I observed her in the classroom and watched her interact with the students and you can see her passion to teach these kids, it is one of the reasons we hired her.”

With praises not only from Dr. Baynes, but from her students, it seems Mrs. Boulanger is well on her way to being a school favorite here at Duxbury High School.

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