Brain Breaks and Baguettes: Madame Richards says “bonjour” to Duxbury High School

Brain Breaks and Baguettes: Madame Richards says “bonjour” to Duxbury High School

Meghan B.

Shae Richards always knew she wanted to study French since elementary school.

“I liked the way the French teachers taught, and I thought it would be a good next step.”

Two years ago, Ms. Richards met Ms. Caldarone, another French teacher, and shadowed her in one of her classes, where Ms. Richards was very impressed with the teaching style. Because of her interest, Ms. Caldarone was to let her know when there was a position available.

Ava C, a senior at DHS, said about Ms. Richards: “She takes “brain breaks” in between activities during class so she can teach us some yoga, which helps us move around and stretch after sitting for long periods of time.”

Ms. Richards calls herself a “self-care advocate.” She is very passionate about yoga, so she is starting a yoga class to teach fellow teachers and students yoga and self-care. In her classes, she teaches yoga to her students as a brain break. Madame Richards is very excited and enthusiastic about her job and the French culture, stemming from her studying at The Sourbonne in Paris and teaching English for a year in France.

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Richards likes baking cookies and breads, and spending summer at the beach. Also, she enjoys practicing Spanish with Ms. Aliberti, one of the Spanish teachers here at Duxbury High School. She really enjoys palm trees and warm weather, and hopes to visit the French Riviera, along with the Carribean islands and Mexico. Before coming to DHS, Ms. Richards attended UMass Dartmouth to major in French after growing up in Randolph, and she taught French at Durphy High School in Fall River and Weymouth High School.

“She’s really nice and easy to approach if there’s any questions that need to be answered. She makes learning French fun and easy with different kinds of activities that the students’ actually like to do. She is also very calm and collected during class, which in turn makes all her students feel the same way” Ava said of Ms. Richards.

Ms. Richards’ advice to someone becoming a teacher: “Teach something that you love enough to want to talk about it and share that love with other people no matter the age. Either really excited about teaching or really excited about a topic; be excited and enthusiastic about it so kids don’t dread the class.”

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