Short Term Sub Aims to Make Long Term Difference

Short Term Sub Aims to Make Long Term Difference

By Juliana B.

Jerry Ford is a high school Math teacher who has had three years of teaching Math at different schools as an instructional assistant. He has developed a passion for helping kids to understand and learn to love math. 

Mr. Ford is a long term sub teaching a couple different math courses this year. He grew up in Weymouth, Massachusetts and has lived in Massachusetts his whole life. His goal is to try to get through to the kids who don’t like math. 

“One piece of advice that I would give to someone who wants to be a math teacher is, learn how to reach all the students that don’t like math,” Ford said. “There are so many kids that math’s not their favorite for whatever reason and I always looked at math as the easiest subject to teach because there’s always a right answer.” 

His love of math continued all throughout high school and college. 

After graduating high school at Weymouth High, Ford attended Boston College, where his favorite class ended up being a finance and tax course. He graduated with a degree in accounting that he has “never used.” 

Ford’s love of math led him to want a career in it. 

“When I graduated from college I wanted to work as an accountant and then as that didn’t pan out, I wanted to work in personal finance,” Ford said. 

Ford had been looking for a full time teaching position. He recently got his teaching license so now he was able to lead a class. He had been an instructional assistant at Hingham High School for the past two years and he felt that he was ready to take on a full time job. He then found Duxbury High School as the school that was looking for a long term sub, and he took this job as an opportunity to get the experience that he needed. 

Ford seems to be enjoying his time here at Duxbury High School. He described DHS as a very welcoming community.  

“Everybody here has been friendly. The students, staff, everyone,” explained Ford.

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