Mrs. Zhang Moves In

Mrs. Zhang Moves In

Ryan H.

Mrs. Zhang, a new Mandirin teacher at Duxbury High School, wants to help her students find the subjects in high school that they are passionate about.

Mrs. Zhang went to college at the University of East Anglia in England, where she got a masters degree in teaching. While at college, she met her husband, a young man who works at a technology company. His work in the United States led Mrs. Zhang and her husband to move to Massachusetts, where she first taught in Cambridge. Her husband’s job again moved, this time to San Francisco, and Mrs. Zhang got a job teaching at a Met Language Emergency School and helping make Mandarin textbooks. Eventually, Mrs. Zhang and her husband followed his company back to Massachusetts once more, where she finally ended up here at Duxbury High School.

While fluent in Mandarin, Mrs. Zhang is also fluent in Japanese. “Mandarin is my native language, but also my grandma from my mother’s side, she’s from Japan,” said Mrs. Zhang. “She became my nanny, she told me a lot of Japanese stories.”

Mrs. Zhang’s love for teaching stemmed from her mother. “[My mother] used to teach me all the time, which most of the time is fun, and some of the time is annoying.” 

This would eventually evolve into her present philosophy where she states, “I think teaching is not only about money, it is also not about teaching… It’s about touching people’s lives.”

Mr. Palmer, a co-worker of Mrs. Zhang is impressed with her work ethic. 

“She showed that she was very professional and motivated to commit her summertime to be the best teacher she can be,” said Mr. Palmer. 

Mrs. Zhang has made it her goal to help her students find their passions, getting ready for their future once they graduate DHS.

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