A Horse Can Change a Life

A Horse Can Change a Life

By Juliana B.

Riding horses brings joy and relaxation to equestrians whenever they get on the back of a horse. The sound of the horses hooves walking along on the sand on the beach or the riding ring, leaves on the trails, or whatever it may be, is one of the most calming sounds in the world. 

There is a debate among athletes as to whether or not horseback riding is a sport. 

“When people say riding isn’t a sport, I usually don’t say anything because it’s too hard for people that don’t understand what we do or how it works, to understand,” said junior Phoebe B. 

Phoebe, who rides at Briggs stables in Hanover, started riding seven years ago and has been riding competitively for five. She got into the sport because of her mother and sisters love for horses. 

Many people might think that horseback riding is just a female sport, but just like any sport, it is for both genders. 

“I think that riding is made for both genders because any sport can be two genders, including riding,” said junior Carina B.

Carina, who has been riding ever since she was a young girl, rides Morgans and Fresian horses, showing her two horses and one lease horse in walk, trot, and canter events. 

Falling off horses is all part of being an equestrian. Getting into the sport, equestrians have to accept the fact that they are working with a two thousand pound animal and this is going to happen because falling off comes along with riding horses. 

“I have fallen off probably about ten times before,” Jillian D said. 

Jillian rides at Valinor farm in Plymouth. She has explained that she is most likely not going to continue riding once she gets to college due to the big time and money commitment. 

Riding horses is not for everyone. It takes a special group of people to work with a giant animal like horses, knowing the dangers that come along with this sport. 

If Duxbury High School had an equestrian team, it would most likely be very popular within the school with all of the students who ride. 

“I do wish DHS had a riding team,” said Phoebe B, “because I know so many people who ride outside of school and it would be very nice to be appreciated for what we do and have the team spirit.”

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