It’s Rewind Time

It’s Rewind Time

By Alex B.

Many people might wonder why today’s teenagers are obsessed with shows of the near past that have been off the air for years. Students at Duxbury High School feel very passionate about modern classics such as The Office and Friends.

Senior Molly N is one of the many DHS students who believe these two comedies possess a timeless quality.

“I would characterize the shows as being timeless because I feel like every generation can laugh at the shows no matter their age,” said Molly N. “The Office is very sarcastic and Friends is very goofy and fun. Maybe this had an influence on my sense of humor.” 

Kurt K, another senior here at Duxbury High, had a different approach to the thought of these programs.

“I think for many people they see it as a timeless television, however, I think that it will most likely be a very popular show for the next couple of years and die out. I think this because it seems like a show that new generations might not find as funny because it does not have relevant references.”

For now, teenagers across Duxbury will continue to binge-watch these two modern classics—at least until the next big thing comes along.

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