ASL club signals equality for all

ASL club signals equality for all

Alex B.

Many people might be wondering why there were so many posters with the words “Deaf Awareness Week” written on them throughout DHS a few weeks ago. To answer that question, these posters were made to support Deaf Awareness Week, which annually occurs in the third week of September. These posters bring awareness to students that Deaf people are no different than anyone else. 

“A lot of people think Deafness is a disability and this week allows people to see that Deaf people are very capable,” said Mrs. Christine Robertson, an American Sign Language teacher here at Duxbury High School.

September is Deaf Awareness Month and the third week itself was chosen to focus specifically on commemorating Deaf Awareness. Ali G, a senior at Duxbury High, and a member of the ASL club here at DHS believes the club is really important to both her and the greater Duxbury community. 

“I am involved in ASL Club because I genuinely love the language and the culture surrounding the Deaf Community,” said Ali.

Deaf Awareness Month has an impact on surrounding towns as well. Ms. Brittany Martin, an ASL teacher at Duxbury High, elaborated upon why Deaf Awareness needs to be raised. “It’s important to get the word out with there being a big Deaf population in the South Shore,” said Ms. Martin.

It can be clearly seen how much of an impact Deaf Awareness Week has on this town as well as the towns surrounding this one. In class, Ms. Brittany Martin and Mrs. Christine Robertson both showed authentic clips of Deaf people and who they are. Viewing famous Deaf people such as Nyle DiMarco and Deaf people who were on The Kelly Clarkson Show during Deaf Awareness Week, showed students that Deaf people can make it too. A person doesn’t need to be hearing to make it in life and be seen.

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