Ask Andy #2

Ask Andy #2

Is it too late to join the Aviation Club and if not, where should I go and when?

It’s never too late to join a club! This goes for any club; everyone is welcome to join at any time. For the Aviation Club, I would contact Augustas S., he is the president and founder of the club. You can reach him by using his school email, ( because I’m not sure when and where they meet.

What do I do after failing a math test?

Stay after with your math teacher and go over the things you missed. You may not get points back on the test, but you will need to understand that information to do well on the next one. If you’re lost on homework assignments before a test, ask questions and stay after before the test comes up — making sure you understand as the unit progresses is really important. (you can’t learn a unit successfully in one night) 

How do I avoid procrastination?

Take breaks while studying or doing homework, so it seems less daunting. Start right when you get home from school/practice/work/rehearsal and only work for a half hour at first. Then take a half hour break to eat a snack/dinner or scroll through your phone. Then, do your work again for an hour. Take a 10 min break. Do your work for another half hour. Take a break. Etc. Taking breaks helps make studying/homework seem a little less intimidating, and a schedule for breaks can help you avoid procrastination. 

How can I make getting my homework done after sports practice?

Use Ilab to your advantage. There’s always something to do, so having 45 minutes in the school day really helps to get work done. I recommend doing your homework right after sports practice, but if it’s late and you’re tired make sure you get enough sleep. You can always get to school a bit early to do homework in the library, or ask teachers for help.

How do you study for midterms/finals? Are they hard?

Think of midterms and finals just like a regular test. As long as you paid attention in class, you should be okay. Do the review packets your teachers give you, and make sure to ask questions to make sure all your answers are right. As long you pay attention in class, study a small amount every night, and ask questions, the midterms are not hard.

What are the most interesting and/or different classes at Duxbury High School?
All classes are interesting! But what’s great about DHS is we offer a lot of unique classes and opportunities. Some fun electives are TV Studio, Music Tech, Music and Movies, and Student Chef. But there are also a lot of classes where you can learn new skills, such as psychology, personal finance, and of course journalism. If you have room in your schedule, make sure to try something new! You never know what you could find engaging until you try it.

How can I prevent myself from becoming too stressed?

Take a deep breath. Write out a schedule with everything you need to get done, and organize it by color. Seeing what you have to get done written out is a great motivator to actually do it. Don’t procrastinate, but always take your time on your work and ask questions if you need help.

Can I do two sports at once?

Yes, but it might be a challenge. In high school, you are only allowed to participate in one sport through the school at a time, so if the sports you want to do are during the same season, you’ll have to pick one over the other. If you’re a part of a club sport outside of school, you can participate in both but your high school team must take priority. If you miss a high school practice or game for a club sport you may be benched. I recommend doing one fall sport and maybe check out a few clubs, then do another sport during the winter or spring.

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