Parking Lot Panic

Parking Lot Panic

By Ryan H.

The parking lot has been a blessing for most students here at DHS, since they are able to drive directly to school without having to rely on their parents or the bus. However, having to endure complicated traffic patterns at the end of the school day, makes the lot a curse.

Even though most students here have a driver’s license, accidents and violations of the parking lot guidelines are still prevalent. 

“I feel that there should be a better system,” said Katie N, “kids are going into spots there are still not allowed in.”

Another complaint that students have is how student drivers are forced to share the same departure as the bus drivers, who are required to go first. 

“Buses cause major traffic jams,” said Avery H. 

This mix of kids and adults trying to get out of the school area only elongates the wait period everyone must wait before they can leave. This could waste time and make students late for any after-school activities that are time-bound.

However, it does not need to be like this. There are other ways for the school to solve this parking predicament. Mary M. suggests that “the left of the parking lot should be for cars to go out, and the other to be an entrance to the steel building and the parking lot.”

Mr. Scozzaro also gave his idea of a solution: “The biggest obstacle is that both exits are one way, so in order to go left or right from the parking lot, one would have to travel towards one side of the crosswalk in order to leave that the direction they want. A way to solve this problem would be a ‘first come, first served’ mentality, where students closest to the exit would go first, and the cars in the back would go last.” However, the amount of students clamoring to exit is staggering, and it may be hard to coordinate with all the people. “The problem is that everyone is trying to get out at the same time,” said Mr. Scozzaro, “everyone still gets out at 2:47.”

Whatever the case, it is clear that the system for the parking lot needs to be changed lest more students get inconvenienced.

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