The Truth About the Togas

The Truth About the Togas

by Meghan B.

Contrary to popular belief, the togas worn by the senior class this year for spirit week were not banned during the past few school years. 

“The selection of clothing is really something the classes have decided and there were no togas last year because they did not want them,” said Principal Mr. Donovan. 

Many students at DHS believed that the togas were banned because it is what they heard from each other. 

“Everyone told me they were banned,” said senior Anya T. “It was the word around the streets.”

Senior class President Tanner C already knew the togas weren’t banned when he brought the idea to the faculty advisors and Mr. Donovan.

They supported the idea as long as the togas were worn appropriately… which they were,” said Tanner. “There was no talk about them being banned.” 

Mr. Donovan emphasizes how important it is that spirit week is to school unity, so he makes sure the student council makes the decisions.

“What matters is that it’s an event that brings our school together. I want it to be stuff that is meaningful and relevant to them. I try to be mindful that the student council makes these decisions and that the advisors and student leaders are mindful about the things they bring in.”

Tanner thinks the togas were a huge hit for the senior class.

“Leading up to class day, there was lots of buzz and excitement about the togas,” said Tanner. “That being said, we got lots of positive feedback. It was something new, fun and different that we wanted to bring back.”

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