Alden House takes a turn to the dark side

Alden House takes a turn to the dark side

Kira B.

This past Saturday, October 19th, Duxbury’s Alden House celebrated Halloween with their Spooktacular Haunted Alden House.

Desiree Mobed has been the Alden House Director for three years now, and was a huge help in putting together this event. The haunted house has been a success for 17 years straight, and this year was no exception.

“The Alden House is transformed into a haunted adventure for this one night,” said Ms. Mobed. The event included historically accurate ghostly tales shared by actors/actresses in the house, a haunted trail outside along the path to the foundation of John and Priscilla Alden’s original home site, a maze strewn with creepy Halloween figures, games, face-painting, and snacks.

The haunted house is catered for all ages. “Very young children might prefer the activities and the maze while older children usually like going through the house and trail,” said Mobed. The activities are designed for children, yet students at Duxbury High School found the event memorable as well.

Meghan K, a senior at DHS, went to volunteer at the event for National Honors Society.

“My favorite part of the event was interacting with the kids and seeing all of their costumes,” said Meghan. “It reminded me of simpler times when all we had to think about in October was what Halloween costume we would be for that year.”

For Connor O, another senior at DHS, volunteering at the haunted house brought back memories from his own childhood.

“I went to the haunted house as a kid. I remember going to the trail in the woods with my brother and how much fun we had,” said Connor.

Although this year’s haunted house has passed, the Alden House offers public events all throughout the year that blend history with engaging activities for the community.

“The Alden House offers a variety of living history programs to engage visitors with the past and help them connect with life long ago,” said Ms. Mobed. “We’ve offered everything from a coopering demonstration to hearth cooking, spinning, weaving, and an 18th century military reenactment.”

For Desiree Mobed, working at the Alden House is a way to connect her love with history to her interest in where we all come from.  “I love to be able to help visitors understand the ‘real’ story of the amazing group of people who represent the ‘founding’ story for our country,” said Ms. Mobed.

Find out what the Alden House can mean to you by joining in on the various events throughout the year, or by bringing your family to the haunted house next fall.

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