Horror Flicks create spooky mood for DHS students this Halloween season

Horror Flicks create spooky mood for DHS students this Halloween season

Alex B.

Why is there so much excitement surrounding the Halloween season and the scary movies that make it so spooky? Some Duxbury High School students are here to lay this question to rest. 

Students throughout DHS have varying thoughts on what makes a movie scary and what specific movies fall into that category. In fact, a recent poll asking DHS students to vote on the scariest movie they’ve ever seen revealed that it was a five-way tie between Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Silence of the Lambs, The Ring, The Visit, and The Conjuring. A recent poll done by The Dragon Flyer found that only twenty-five percent of students watch scary movies during the Halloween season. 

On a scale of one being the least bit scary and five being the most scary, these movies were all put in the four to five range. Some students say that the movies of today are superior to those of yesterday because of the older horror movies not having special effects that hold up to the modern standard. 

Jack M., a senior at DHS said, “The CGI is really good now making for a better experience.”

Movies that are out today certainly have a leg up on those of the past in terms of production quality and resources at their disposal. 

Another senior here at Duxbury High, Ian S., gave his take on the scary movie genre. 

“I honestly prefer to watch today’s scary movies over older movies because I feel like I can relate to them more,” said Ian. “Sometimes I think many modern scary movies are just recycled without using any new ideas, but I still prefer their graphics and film style compared to older movies.” 

A freshman here at Duxbury High, Joe F., provided an interesting take on the view of both classic and modern scary films. 

“I feel like older horror movies are in a lot of cases better than modern horror movies. However, there are some horror movies that have come out in recent years that surpass the classics in quality”

Another question that’s commonly asked, is watching a scary movie more of a solitary activity or one done in a group? Joe F. provided more insight into his thoughts on the topic. 

“I feel like a horror movie is something to be experienced with more than one other person because it not only has all the benefits of seeing a normal movie with another person, such as being able to comment on and discuss the experience after, but it also allows you to be there to see and share reactions to the jump scares and disturbing visuals with your friends.”

Though newer movies could be thought of as being “recycled” over and over, it’s clear that better graphics are key to holding the attention of today’s youth. Providing a slew of options to DHS students who enjoy watching the plethora of horror movies and analyzing their answers, can make for an even scarier future in the world of film making.

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