Freshman finds fresh sound

Freshman finds fresh sound

by Arden Y.

Jessica C. has found a way to band together with her fellow peers. Jessica is only a freshman, but she is already living her dream as the lead singer of a band. 

Jessica is in a band called Yardsale. Although she is the only member from Duxbury, she is by no means the only one in the band. Other members are from Pembroke, Hingham, and Marshfield.

Jessica started two years ago through the South Shore Conservatory in Duxbury. The South Shore Conservatory runs a program that helps kids get started in the music business. 

“You can just basically sign up, and based on what instrument you play they’ll build bands off of it,” said Jessica. 

This is how she met her band. Jessica started when she was in 6th grade after getting an email from the Conservatory, where she participated in Open Mic Night. 

“We hadn’t even asked to be in bands,” said Jessica. “We had all gotten emails [that said] do you want to be in a band with these other kids?” 

Jessica, of course, said yes. And Yardsale was born. 

The original members of the band alongside Jessica were a drummer and a pianist, and later a bass guitarist and a guitarist joined Yardsale. Jessica herself is the lead singer of the band. Will G. from Pembroke plays the drums, Luke M. from Pembroke plays piano, Sam O. from Hingham plays guitar, and Hayley C. from Marshfield plays the bass and sings backup vocals.

Hayley, who’s a junior, said “Yardsale has definitely made a huge positive impact on my life,” said band member and high school junior Hayley. “I’ve improved so much on the bass, and all of my bandmates are wonderful people and friends.” 

One of the best parts about having a band is the group becomes like a family. After almost three years in Yardsale, Jessica agrees that the band made a huge impact on her life.

“It’s crazy how much we impacted each other in two years,” said Jessica. “Two years ago, we were these little sixth graders playing songs. [Now] we’re really close with each other and really good friends. I think that’s awesome”.

For Hayley, music is not only a personal journey, but also a great social environment.

“I’ve made so many close friends because of either shared interests in music or musical activities we do,” said Hayley. 

Yardsale preformed in Hull this past Sunday, October 20th, along with another band from Duxbury, The Lucid Dreamers. The band has played many times at the Conservatory in Duxbury, and four times at the Paragon Boardwalk in Hull. This weekend, they played to celebrate the release of their first album, an EP (extended play) of five of their songs that can be found on Spotify or iTunes. The EP is titled “Everything Must Go”.

Currently, Yardsale is working on a new song. 

“We all colab on it, [but] I do a lot of the lyric writing,” said Jessica. “Its really cool because everyone brings in their own ideas for the song”.

The band meets every Tuesday night at the Conservatory with their teacher Jesse Stiglich, who runs the procussion department. Jessica said he really helped her get her start in the band, and continues to be an inspiration for all of the members.

Mr. Pondaco, a music teacher at DHS, said, “I think it’s great that kids can be involved in music any way. We have a lot to offer here, so obviously I like to see students take classes in school. The more practice, the better you are. My advice is do both [music activities inside and outside the classroom], obviously I like it when kids do anything music related.”

Jessica hopes to continue the band throughout high school.

“I personally really enjoy music, but I’m not sure if i want to pursue being in a band when I’m older,” said Jessica.  “But I think we all really like music enough to do it later on in our lives, at least a little bit”.

Photo credit: Jessica C.

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