Halloween is a real treat

Halloween is a real treat

by Juliana B.

Halloween is considered to be a favorite holiday for many students at Duxbury High School. Maybe they like trick or treating, going to haunted houses or even just the fall season in general. Whatever it may be, this holiday brings happiness to those who like the spooky season. 

Many would say that trick or treating is for younger generations, but not all think this. 

“I don’t consider trick or treating to be just for younger generations,” said senior Catie O, “because it should be fun for everyone and age doesn’t matter when you’re having fun.” 

Just like any other holiday, there are certain traditions that students uphold every Halloween season. 

“My family decorates the house and we carve pumpkins,” said junior Johanna T. 

A lot of people have the same Halloween traditions, but some have very unique ones. Maybe some of these same traditions are, bobbing for apples, playing tricks on each other, carving pumpkins, or even baking pumpkin bread. 

“One of my favorite Halloween traditions is making pumpkin bread,” said Catie O. 

Freshman Nolan R has expressed that he likes haunted houses. Some people love getting spooked by going to these, but not all do. 

Scary movies and, in some cases, thrillers are another big part of this holiday season for those who loved to get spooked. 

“I like thrillers more than I like scary movies,” said Johanna. 

However, watching scary movies and going to haunted houses and just getting spooked on this one day is not what defines Halloween for most at DHS.

“What makes Halloween so great,” said Nolan, “is hanging out with my friends and walking around town in the evening,” said Nolan.

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