Lose Stress with Chess

Lose Stress with Chess

by Ryan H.

With its simple premise and amiably accessible atmosphere, the Chess Club at Duxbury High School is one that most anyone can join.

The club had been started by DHS students turned alumni Aaron W., Jack R., and Nate R. The club has continued in its simple manner up to the present, advised by Ms. Allen. Students throughout the school have kept the club alive through its ties to all grades in the DHS or DMS. 

“I’ve met different kids from different grades through the club,” said senior Alia Y., a club member, “and I’ve taught people how to play chess as well.”

“The kids are very nice and they seem to enjoy each other,” said Ms. Allen. “They welcome any student who would like to join.”

If one would like to a more competitive game, the club participates in tournaments from time to time. “We have had tournaments with Plymouth North,” said Ms. Allen, “but it can be tricky to set up.” 

For the chess club, one cannot be too inexperienced or skilled to be a member.

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