Stranger Things Have Happened

Stranger Things Have Happened

by Juliana B.

The thriller drama T.V. show, Stranger Things, is a personal favorite of mine. It has drama, action, horror, and moments that make you want to scream or cry. 

With the amount of views that the first season of Stranger Things had, it became the third most watched season in a shows debut, on Netflix. That is how popular this show has become. 

Within the first thirty five days of the release of season one, Symphony Advanced Media says, Stranger Things averaged 14.07 million views all around the world, and the numbers kept going up from there. Season two averaged about 17.7 millions views and season three averaged a whopping amount of 24.6 million views. 

Just like any show, for me anyway, the only way to watch a new season of a show is to binge the whole season in one day. With Stranger Things, the show keeps you excited for what is to come and you can’t stop watching it. The show accomplishes this by adding in effects, such as squelching noises and monster roars. The mystery to this show of the disappearance of Will Byers in the first season, keeps the audience wondering what will happen next.

In my personal opinion, I believe that the series is for years fifteen and older, due to language and gruesome moments that you aren’t suspecting. Moments like these can be very disturbing for younger generations and possibly even older generations.

There are unexpected, jaw-dropping moments during the show that you are completely not expecting and this makes the show a whole lot better. As a producer, it is your job to make a show that will draw people’s attention and make them want to watch it. I believe that the Duffer brothers, who are the producers of this show, have done their job. This is because with the number of views that Stranger Things has had, it means that this is a good show and that people will continue to watch each new season that comes out. 

Because five of the main characters in real life are sixteen and seventeen years old, they obviously had to have some funny parts added into the show. Season one had some funny moments and then season two and three were on a whole new level. An example of a funny moment in season three was when one of the main characters, Dustin, thought that there were intruders in the house and he walked out into the living room with a can of hairspray. However, it turns out that it was his friends that were in his house and he sprayed them with the hairspray. 

While the Duffer brothers have officially announced that there will be a fourth season of Stranger Things, they have hinted that they may possibly stop making the show after that season. I, and all the other millions of people would love to see this show keep going, seeing as how popular it is. 

Season four will most likely be coming out in the year 2020 and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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