Looking at Forensics Through a Microscope

Looking at Forensics Through a Microscope

Alex B.

Many students at Duxbury High School might wonder what experiences are held within the threshold of a forensics class. The forensics classes were started by Ms. Benson, a science teacher at DHS, back in 2011. The original curriculum was actually brought to DHS through the old superintendent Dr. Tantillo. There are two courses, one is an honors level course run through Syracuse University and the other is a semester-long college prep course.

Within the class, students “learn about the history of forensics, basic crime procedures, specific discipline, forensics anthropology, toxicology, serology, and DNA analysis,” said Ms. Benson.

Molly N, a senior at DHS said, “My favorite part of the course is the hands-on lab because we get to physically see how certain evidence is traceable and we also get to do experiments that actual CSI’s do in the forensics lab. For instance, in the last lab, we got to break panes of glass in order to see the way they break and how it would be possible to determine the direction that a bullet was fired from the cracks in the glass.” 

Forensics can be seen as an engaging way to go about learning science related topics. “There are lots of real-world applications and Forensics is something that students are usually interested in any way so they find it to be more enjoyable,” said Ms. Benson. 

The forensics classes at DHS can be seen as a very engaging way to learn science, and a way to provide real-life skills to students at Duxbury High now and in the years to come.

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