Aviation club takes off

Aviation club takes off

by Arden Y.

The Aviation Club plans to reach new heights this school year.

Augustas S. is a junior at Duxbury High School. He started the Aviation Club last year after planning the idea since he was a freshman.

Augustas is the president and founder of the Aviation Club. The club focuses on airplanes and the study of flight. Augustas started the club because he has a great interest in aviation in all its forms.

“The [aviation] community is great,” said Augustas, “there are so many opportunities for students that are out there but nobody really knows how to grab them”. 

Opportunities include scholarships for students interested in a career in aviation, drones and other flight simulators, community airshows, and colleges and schools that have aviation and flight programs. 

“I thought ‘why not get students connected with this’?” said Augustas. “Let people take advantage of [the opportunities].”

Mr. O’Connell is the current adviser for the Aviation Club. “I think Gus is very knowledgeable,” said Mr. O’Connell, “he finds interesting resources to bring to the club. He brings a lot of info for students who are interested.” 

Augustas started his interest in aviation the summer before he entered 8th grade. One day out of curiosity he bought Microsoft Flight Simulator X, which is an online program that simulates flight. 

“It was amazing,” said Augustas, “I realized that there’s so much to learn and all those buttons, they’re there for you to press. I plugged it in and started getting that feeling, and I got so excited”. 

Augustas has been excited about aviation ever since. 

The club meets roughly three times a month, usually every other Tuesday. They meet twice with Mr. O’Connell and once with Mr. Dennis. Ian S. is a member and the official treasurer of the club. He and Augustas are currently working to set up a more regular schedule to meet more often.

The members of the Aviation Club do many activities relating to flight. They use the flight simulator Simplerockets 2 to see how a plane actually works. They also fly drones outside of the high school and talk about various concepts relating to aviation. The club is working to get more guest speakers to come in, and to also go on field trips to places such as the Plymouth Municipal Airport.

The flight simulator is very popular for the club members.

“It’s really fun because it simulates real physics,” Augustas said. “You can play around with the center of lift, weight, and trust if you want to. To make the perfect plane those have to be in the right spot.”

Augustas has pursued his interest in aviation even further. He has his student’s pilot license, which allows him to fly solo in a plane. He is currently working to get his private pilot’s license. When Augustas found out that his mother’s friend was certified to be a flight instructor, he reached out. This man taught Augustas the entire flight course, and Augustas continues to train with him in Taunton.

Ian also has an interest in getting a license. 

“When I was a kid, I thought planes were the coolest thing” Ian said “but that wore off on me. When I heard [Augustas] was starting an Aviation Club, that immediately got me back into it, and when he asked me to join I was down”.

Ian hopes to someday get a scholarship for aviation, something that Augustas has already achieved.

Augustas applied for a scholarship through AOPA Aviators, a company that supports general aviation. He got a 10,000 dollar scholarship which allowed him to continue pursuing his hobby.

Augustas plans to continue studying aviation in the future, and maybe even one day build his own airplane. It took his teacher five years to build one from a plane kit from the company Van’s Aircraft. 

“That’s part of the community” Augustas said. 

Featured image: Augustas S.

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