The Christmas Craze

The Christmas Craze

Illustration and Article by Ryan H.

It’s autumn, and as the leaves grow weary and the air becomes crisp, the shop at the mall is blasting Jingle Bells like it’s nobody’s business. This strategy of releasing Christmas items before December can even roll around has become increasingly popular.

Some feel that the early holiday advertisements, while somewhat effective, are ultimately nothing more than a distraction. “It gets me excited for Christmas, but I don’t want to buy stuff until after Thanksgiving,” says Christina C., a senior at DHS. “I don’t feel like buying stuff just because its out early.”

“It depends on what time it is, if it’s the beginning of October, I get concerned, but I have gotten used to it being in November,” says Rose O., a senior at DHS.

However, if this strategy is so popular with retail stores, it has to be amounting to a huge profit. 

“I think it’s smart to get shopping early, because if you wait, it’s going to be harder to shop when everyone’s doing it,” says Dylan G. “I don’t mind it.” 

Whatever one’s opinion on this marketing strategy is, as long as it keeps making money, companies are not likely to stray away from utilizing it.

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