Knives Out Gets A Thumbs-Up 

Knives Out Gets A Thumbs-Up 

By Alex B.

The film Knives Out just came out and has been boasting amazing reviews, but does it live up to the ratings it received? I’m here to say that this excitement is indeed deserved. There have been many movies as of late such as Doctor Sleep, Hellboy, and Serenity that have recycled the same boring concept as other movies have time and time again. Those movies are a waste of valuable resources that could’ve been used to make better movies. Where this movie I can only describe as a modern take of Agatha Christie’s wonderful mystery novels and movies that came out of said novels. The film stars many exquisite actors such as Chris Evans, Ana De Armas, Daniel Craig, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Lieberher and Jamie Lee Curtis just to name a few. This movie uses all of these actor’s strengths very well. It’s always a shame when studios butcher promising movies that have really good actors and actresses in it. But thankfully this is not the case for Knives Out.    

At the beginning of the film, it starts out with Detective Benoit Blanc sitting in the background of a questioning of the family of the now-deceased writer, Harlan Thrombey, who this movie is ultimately centered around. After Harlan’s death, the family is all up in a frenzy because of the money and assets he had. The whole family gives their take on what happened the night of the party, the same night that Harlan met his untimely demise. Eventually, we are introduced to the character of Marta Cabrera, who was Harlan’s assistant and closest friend. From that point on she is the main character and protagonist of the film. As the movie progresses soon thereafter we are introduced to her, the audience can truly begin to connect the dots scene by scene. Halfway through the film, the plot of the film really starts to pick up. No longer is this movie a cookie-cutter murder mystery with slow dialogue and strange facial expressions. It’s a full-fledged drama and thriller movie (facial expressions included, don’t worry). Ransom Drysdale enters the scene a little more than halfway through the movie as well. The Drysdales are in the same overarching family as the Thrombey’s and have a stake in the will just as much as the rest of them. When Ransom is introduced he can be seen as what one might call an antagonist. But that notion is flipped on its head more than once. Marta Cabrera is in for the ride of her life along with Ransom, Detective Blanc, and the rest of the family in this interestingly profound take on a mystery film. 

Now, I’ve been disappointed many a time by movies that have made themselves to seem what they aren’t. With the trailers for the movie promoting that they got a ninety-seven percent on Rotten Tomatoes I figured it couldn’t be that good. But once this movie kicked itself up into high gear, it shot past almost any murder mystery movie I can think of it showed me just how superior it really is. I do think that it deserves that praise for how good it is, I can say that with a clear conscience. With so many “remakes” and “remasters” or even “re-imaginings” (whatever that means) when it comes to movies of today, it’s always refreshing to see something original come out. Not even just an original concept, but a good one at that. Modern adaptations of old ideas with original concepts are what keep the movie industry booming. For every twenty Doctor Sleeps, we get a Knives Out. This is what keeps people coming back for more, sifting throughout the subpar in wait for the eventual sublime. Everyone knows it’s coming but they don’t know when and that’s what keeps us cinema lovers coming back for more. Who knows? It might even stab us in the back when we aren’t looking.

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