Decked out with the holidays

Decked out with the holidays

by Meghan B.

With the holidays coming up next week, many families have special holiday traditions. These traditions can include baking, decorating, and spending valuable time with family. At this time of year, families like to come together as one to exchange gifts, eat some good food, and spend time together. 

Duxbury High School students greatly enjoy the holidays, especially Sara M, a DHS junior, enjoys this time of year because she is able to spend time with extended family.

Christmas movies, buying and decorating the tree together, are significant because it’s time when extended family can all be together in one place.”

While some traditions are very classic; decorating the tree, watching movies, etc, other families have different kinds of traditions. Music teacher Ms. Reney has a special childhood tradition. 

“On Christmas Eve every year, my mom’s side of the family, all sing ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.’ It means a lot because we do it every year and it means a lot to my grandparents.”

Senior Jack N, however, attends a special Christmas Eve mass with his family.

“We go into the city and go to Christmas Eve mass there.”

Many holiday traditions stem from childhood, and continue through adulthood.

Ms. Reney, for example, has stuck with her tradition for years.

“It started when I was probably like five-years-old.”

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