The Courtyard Mystery

The Courtyard Mystery

Juliana B.

According to Mr. Donovan, Duxbury High School’s principal, students are allowed out into the courtyard before and after school, although every time students have tried opening the doors, they have been locked. The reason as to why still remains a mystery here at DHS.

According to Principal Donovan, the doors leading out to the courtyard should not be locked. 

“There is no reason to lock the doors ever. There is no reason that no one should not be able to go out there [before school].” 

Over the past week, several seniors have tried opening the doors to the courtyard, but they have been locked. 

Students have been wondering why they are not allowed to go out there. 

“I do wonder why we aren’t allowed out in the courtyard,” said senior Leah E. “I don’t know why we can’t but I think that we should be able to.” 

There is one day throughout the whole school year that seniors are allowed out in the courtyard and that is during the last day of Spirit Week, Decades Day. 

Julia T said, “I like how seniors are allowed out into the courtyard on the last day of spirit week because we usually are not allowed out there.” 

It makes sense to everyone why the doors would be locked during lunch, but not before and after school. 

“You can’t go out there during lunch because we do not want to disrupt the first floor classes,” Principal Donovan said. 

As of right now, Breadboard is the only area of the school reserved for the senior class. Seniors are the only class allowed in that area during lunch. Senior Julia T. is one of many seniors frustrated by lack of additional space.

“I think seniors should have another place to hangout. Since Breadboard can be used by other grades before and after school, it would be nice to have another place just for seniors.” 

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